Subdivisions of Belize in local language English

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Belize District Belize City
13 constituencies: Albert; Belize Rural Central; Belize Rural North; Belize Rural South; Caribbean Shores; Collet; Fort George; Freetown; Lake Independence; Mesopotamia; Pickstock; Port Loyola; Queen’s Square

Cayo District San Ignacio Cayo
6 constituencies: Belmopan; Cayo Central; Cayo North; Cayo Northeast; Cayo South; Cayo West

Corozal District Corozal Town
4 constituencies: Corozal Bay; Corozal North; Corozal Southeast; Corozal Southwest

Orange Walk District Orange Walk Town
4 constituencies: Orange Walk Central; Orange Walk East; Orange Walk North; Orange Walk South

Stann Creek District Dangriga
2 constituencies: Dangriga; Stann Creek West

Toledo District Punta Gorda
2 constituencies: Toledo East; Toledo West

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