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2001- everything else
01 Jan 2012 Happy New Year to all of you!
08 Jan 2012 Constantinople added to TR page
09 Jan 2012 Hungary page updated (thanks to László)
15 Jan 2012 font changed for fas
29 Jan 2012 White House added to US page
05 Feb 2012 days, months and planets added in xmf
11 Feb 2012 Inner Mongolia added to CN page
10 Mar 2012 Finland entries and subdivisions added in smn, sms (thanks to Celvin)
10 Mar 2012 Siberia added to RU page
18 Mar 2012 Sweden entries and subdivisions added in fit, sma, sme, smj (thanks to Celvin)
01 Apr 2012 numbers, days and months added in qer (thanks to Celvin)
14 Jul 2012 wonders added in mal
01 Jan 2013 Happy New Year to all of you!
17 Feb 2013 event horizon added
19 Feb 2013 font changed for mal
21 Feb 2013 world phrase corrected in ces (thanks to Jakub)
22 Feb 2013 missing Inner Mongolia subdivisions added in mvf (thanks to Thomas)
02 Mar 2013 numbers added in gld (thanks to Илья)
02 Mar 2013 I haven't been able to take care of your emails for quite a long time; now I'm slowly catching up
19 May 2013 Inner Mongolia subdivisions extended (thanks to Thomas)
04 Aug 2013 Arabic script forms added for bos
01 Jan 2014 Happy New Year to all of you!
11 Feb 2014 compass points added
02 Jul 2014 Gagauzia added to the MD page (inspired by Monika)
09 Nov 2014 RU federal districts added
01 Jan 2015 Happy New Year to all of you!
03 Apr 2015 numbers added in abq, bam, cjs, cop, dlg, dzo, frr, iii, kim, kpy, mxi, nio, stq, tly
04 Apr 2015 numbers added in bis, ibo, nso, sna, ven, zha
05 Apr 2015 Tanakh added in bos, dsb
26 Apr 2015 constellations added in bak
01 May 2015 chemical elements added in crh, ori, rue
02 May 2015 chess pieces added in div, frr, jav, san, sin, sme
03 May 2015 many entries added in ava
07 Jun 2015 constellations added in hin
10 Jun 2015 constellations added in kaz, msa, uzb
15 Jun 2015 glossary added in ber
01 Jan 2016 Happy New Year to all of you!
21 May 2017 some International Organizations added in mvf (thanks to Greg)
23 Sep 2017 UDHR, article 1 added in ady
01 Jan 2018 Happy New Year to all of you!

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